Data feedback form : Africa Integrity Indicators
Thank you for your interest in the Africa Integrity Indicators data!

Please use the following questions to structure your comments, so that we can make the most of your feedback:

- How is our data useful for you? In what context do you use our data? For example, do you use it to evaluate grant applications in your organization?

- Do you have any stories of impact where you have used the data? For example, based on the data, have you developed an advocacy plan in your country.

- Can you tell us how we could make the data even more useful to you?

All your comments will help us make our research stronger and better aligned with your needs to address practical in-country challenges.

What data do you use? A particular thematic area, all the data set or specific country?
Please tell us how and in what context you use our data?
Do you have any impact stories you could share with us
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