JustBet's 2012 NCAA March Madness Brackets Challenge

Post your picks ATS for all 63 Games (as the lines are posted) throughout the 3 weeks of the 2012 Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament and include the answer to the tiebreaker question - see below).

Point system:

Round 2: each game is worth 1 point
Round 3: each game is worth 2 points
Sweet 16: each game is worth 3 points
Elite Eight: each game is worth 4 points
Final Four: each game is worth 5 points
Championship: the final game is worth 10 points

1st Tie Breaker:
Total number of Points made by Both Teams in the NCAA Championship Final
** OT is Included

2nd Tie Breaker: (If necessary)
Prize will be awarded to the poster in contention who posted his/her answers earliest.


1st Place : $1,000 Free Play
2nd Place : $600 Free Play
3rd Place : $500 Free Play
4th Place : $300 Free Play
5th Place : $200 Free Play
6th Place : $100 Free Play
7th Place : $100 Free Play
8th Place : $100 Free Play
9th Place : $50 Free Play
10th Place : $50 Free Play

• Active Justbet Players* will receive the full prize amount
• Non-Active Justbet Players will receive 10% of the prize amount
All prizes subject to a 6x Rollover.

You have until the end of the Round of 32 (March 18th) to deposit $100.00
into your Account to be an ACTIVE account holder and receive full prizes.
* You MUST bet that $100.00 by the end of the Tournament

Entry Deadline:

All entries must be in by Monday, April 2nd at 9:10 PM EDT.

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