Let's Get Back To Queer End-of-Season Survey
Now that season one of Let's Get Back To Queer is complete, our team is looking towards ways to grow, improve, and continue to service Black LGBTQ communities with our work. But to do that we need your help! We crafted this survey so the producing team can get a clearer sense of what's worked and what didn't, as well as whose in our community.

All questions are optional, but the more you answer the better you can help the podcast, so we encourage you to answer them all (or as much as you can). We ask that you be as honest and detailed as you can be. Your responses are anonymous, unless you leave your contact below for follow-ups to your feedback. If you have any additional questions or feedback, feel free to email us @ letsgetbacktoqueer@gmail.com

Thanks for supporting Let's Get Back To Queer and for taking this survey!
How'd you find out about Let's Get Back To Queer?
Do you consider yourself someone who regularly listens to podcasts? (Outside of Let's Get Back To Queer)
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Which episodes have you listened to? Select all that apply.
The podcast episodes are:
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What platform do you primarily use to listen to Let's Get Back To Queer?
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Where or when do you typically listen to Let's Get Back To Queer? What are you usually doing when listening? (ex. "I listen in the morning during my commute to work.")
What do you like or enjoy about the podcast? (Please be descriptive, specific, and provide examples if applicable.)
What could we improve on? Or what would you like us to do more of? (Please be descriptive, specific, and provide examples if applicable.)
What type of stories, topics, or conversations would you like to hear and see in the future?
We're interested in engaging with community more. What platforms/modes of communication would you be interested in seeing from Let's Get Back To Queer in the future? Select all that apply. 
How do you feel about our visual branding/marketing and our social media content? Was it effective? (Please explain why or why not)
Are you a patron on our Patreon?
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If you answered "yes," what do you enjoy about your membership?
If you answered "no," what would encourage you to join?
Anything else you'd like to offer or leave us with?
If you'd be interested in us following up with you for additional questions, drop your name and your email or phone number or social media handle (whichever you prefer).
Below are some  general questions around identity and background. Answering these helps us in two ways: (1) we'll have a clearer sense of who our supporters and listeners are, and (2) having that information is helpful as we look to secure sponsored/organizational funding that is aligned with our community.
Ethnicity/Race *
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Are you a part of, or member of, the ballroom/house scene?
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