ACCS Core Competency Post Test
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1. Which of the following are identified as patient rights?
2. As health care professionals, we are required to report suspected elder/child abuse or neglect.
3. Advanced directives must be:
4. Successful conscious sedation:
5. Alternatives for restraint for an agitated, elderly person with poor memory and attention span could include:
6. Use of restraints always requires a physician's order:
7. With pain management, a patient has the right to expect healthcare professionals respond quickly to reports of pain.
8. The single most reliable indicator of the presence and intensity of pain is:
9. Adverse drug reactions may be unpredictable and are unexpected biological responses to medications.
10. A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence or variation involving death or serious physical or psychological injury or the risk thereof.
11. Standard precautions should be taken with which of the following:
1. Blood, 2. Body Fluids, 3. Intact Skin, 4. Mucous Membranes
12. The Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) contains which of the following information:
13. In order to promote patient safety, two identifiers (not including patient's room number) are to be used when taking blood samples or administering medications or blood products.
14. HIPAA requires healthcare organizations to implement appropriate and reasonable safeguards that protect and limit incidental exposures to patient health information
15. TB should be expected in all persons who have the following symptoms:
16. Restraints can be both physical and chemical.
17. Which of the following is a "don't" when it comes to maintaining a healthy back?
18. Typical characteristics of the abused elder include all EXCEPT:
19. HIV has been detected in all of the following body fluids EXCEPT:
20. All of the following are helpful in deterring medication errors: knowing your patient; educating your patient, and a quiet work environment
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