Weekly IAPC order form
IAPC will open weekly on Friday afternoon to allow you to buy products at IAPC, while following the covid-19 measures currently in place. This will mean the following for you:

• You must place your order via this form to make an appointment, but you're free to deviate from the order when picking up.
• Your order must have been placed at least 4 hours in advance. With the shop opening at 13:00, that means a deadline at Friday morning 9:00 for a sales moment.
• We will contact you about how and when you are able pick up your order. You must not come to our store when we haven't contacted you.
• You must come alone and keep 1½ meters distance from other people.
• You must not come to our store if you are positively tested for covid-19 or if you have any covid-19 symptoms.
• If possible, you should pay by card at our store.

The form consists of two sections: one for your order and one for your contact information. After you've filled in this form, we will contact you as soon as possible about when you are able to pick up your order. Depending on the amount of people ordering at us, the time slot for picking up your order will most likely be between 13:00 and 13:30.

Orders placed through this form are non-binding, therefore the law on remote sales ("Wet koop op afstand") does not apply and there is no return period, apart from the normal 14 days period on items bought from stock.
Available products
You can view our available products at https://www.iapc.utwente.nl/switch_language/en?next=/assortiment.

Starting 9 March 2021, aside from stock sales we also again accept orders for non-stock products. The delivery time may vary; orders placed on Tuesdays before 18:00 can be picked up the Friday two weeks later at the latest, given that the items are in stock at our suppliers. If you place orders for more expensive products, we may contact you to arrange a binding order, instead of this non-binding form.
Which products do you want to order? *
Please enter the name of the product and the amount you want to order in the field below, one per line.
Does the order contain non-stock products? *
Optional remarks about your order.
Please use this field for any questions and/or remarks about the order you've placed above.
Order cancellation
You're free to cancel your order at any time before the payment. To do so, edit this form again and check the box below or ask one of our volunteers. If you're not able to edit your answer, please contact us via info@iapc.utwente.nl
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