Vancouver DataJam 2021 - Participant signup
The Vancouver DataJam is a community-focused hackathon that empowers women, gender minorities, racial minorities, and other underrepresented groups in data science.

Our theme this year is health in our community as we recover from the COVID19 pandemic. We will work together to tackle projects focused in one of the following dimensions:

1. Social recovery
2. Economic recovery
3. Sustainable recovery
4. Public health recovery

Event overview
➜ A preparatory evening of workshops will be September 18
➜ An unconference taking place September 24
➜ A full day of hacking September 25 (teams have the option to work asynchronously from Sept 18 - 24)
➜ A concluding evening networking event and panel

We welcome applications from participants with experience in natural, social and computational sciences that are excited to work with other awesome scientists and programmers to get hands-on experience with data science! If you have any questions about applying, please feel free to contact us at or visit

The registration deadline is August 20, 2021. To learn about projects showcased this year, please follow our social media accounts and as we will publish videos during July and August.
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