From Dark to Light - Poetry and Song - Our Catholic Winter Solstice

Let's get together on the shortest day!

We all know that the seasons are the wrong way around in the Southern Hemisphere. Easter, the season of new life happens in spring in the North, and in Autumn here in NZ. Similarly, Christmas Day is set around the Winter Solstice in the north to highlight the fact that Christ brings light to the World. The physical symbology is that, from the moment of Christmas light actually does start to enter the world.

We would like to capture that sense of seasonal change, and acknowledgment of Christ's light and the joy it brings, at St Patrick's Church - Mercy Parish on Wednesday the 21st of June - 6.30 - 7.30 - The Winter Solstice.

There will be the occasional hymn and Christmas Carol, and in the spirit of Celtic ancestry we want it to be fun! Come along and recite your favourite poem, maybe sing a song, tell a story...  (A great chance for young people to practice their speech skills, or for the old to show off their talent!!)

However, to know if there is any enthusiasm for the event we also need to know if you will be there at all. Please, enter some details below if you are keen to come.

Kind regards,
Colin MacLeod
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