CanYa - TypeHuman Melbourne DEXathon Hack
Thanks so much for being part of Melbourne's first grassroots Blockchain Hackathon :)

CanYa and Bountysource, in collaboration with TypeHuman, are hosting a hackathon to foster innovation and encourage teams to ultimately submit an application to the Binance DEXathon, which closes on 30 June 2018. The Melbourne Hackathon will guide teams through a weekend of blockchain principles and protocols, and work with them to theorise, research and pitch a possible solution for a DEX.

May 4 from 6pm, to May 6, 6pm (please ensure you can be there Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Other times are flexible).

The winners will receive up to 10,000CAN and assistance to apply to Binance for the global DEXathon.

ONE member from each team is to fill out the form below.

Need a Team?
Come to the FlexDapps Weekly Hack to meet some devs! (6pm in Melbourne)

Pitch Info:
- Judging Criteria: As pictured below
- Judges: We are protecting them from bribery. 😎

Email with any questions.

Proudly supported by CanYa,, TypeHuman and ConsenSys.

To the moon!!! 🌕🚀🌕

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