Consent to Participate PUR: 501 Finding Your Purpose
Purpose University and Drakeford, Scott, & Associates, LLC supported by the National Science Foundation
Consent to Participate in a Research Study

Consent Form Version Date: ___1/10/2018
IRB Study #
Title of Study: Purpose Project
Principal Investigator: Derrick Drakeford, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator Department: Education
Principal Investigator Phone number: 9194841925
Principal Investigator Email Address:

1. What are some general things you should know about research studies?
You are being asked to take part in a research study.  To join the study is voluntary.
You may refuse to join, or you may withdraw your consent to be in the study, for any reason, without penalty.

Research studies are designed to obtain new knowledge. This new information may help people in the future.   You may not receive any direct benefit from being in the research study. There also may be risks to being in research studies. Details about this study are discussed below.  It is important that you understand this information so that you can make an informed choice about being in this research study.
You will be given a copy of this consent form.  You should ask the researchers named above, or staff members who may assist them, any questions you have about this study at any time.

2. What is the purpose of this study?
The purpose of this study is to learn about the effectiveness of an online coursed designed to help students identify their purpose in life. You are being asked to be in the study because the researcher is interested in hearing your perspective on purpose.

3. Are there any reasons you should not be in this study?
You should not be in this study if you are under the age of 18.

4. How many people will take part in this study?
There will be approximately 10,000 people in this research study.

5. How long will your part in this study last?
The researcher will send 1 email survey and 1 follow up email clarification questionnaire. Each email will contain no more than one question. Each email survey should take less than five minutes to complete. If you agree to participate, you may complete the email interview at a time that is convenient for you. The researcher would like to ask that you complete the email survey within one week of receiving the questions. There will be no penalty for not responding to the email survey.  

6. What will happen if you take part in the study?
If you agree to participate in this study, you will receive approximately two emails containing questions about the online course. You can complete the email survey at your convenience.

There are no right or wrong perspectives regarding the issues that you will be asked about in the email interview. The researcher is interested in hearing your perspectives. If you do not wish to answer a question or to write about a topic for any reason, you do not have to answer the question or write about the topic.
The researcher will be the only person that reads your responses to the interview questions. The researcher will not share your answers with any professors, teaching assistants or other students. Your name will be kept confidential for all parts of the study. The researcher will not be evaluating you or your performance as a student in any way. The researcher is only interested in hearing what you think about the research topic. The researcher is confident that your contribution to the study will help people better understand the topic.

7. What are the possible benefits from being in this study?
Research is designed to benefit society by gaining new knowledge. You may also expect to benefit by participating in this study by enjoying giving your expert opinion on the topic.
8. What are the possible risks or discomforts involved from being in this study?
A possible risk for you is the inconvenience of taking the time to respond to email interviews. To minimize this risk, the researcher will invite you to complete the email interview at a time that is convenient for you. Additionally the email interviews will contain no more than seven questions and should not take more than twenty minutes to complete.There is chance that thinking about a negative experience may result in emotional distress or embarrassment. Reliving a negative experience could prove distressing, but this risk is rare since you will only be asked to answer questions in writing online. You need not answer every question. If answering a question makes you uncomfortable, you are free to skip that question.There may be uncommon or previously unknown risks. You should report any problems to the researcher.

9. What if we learn about new findings or information during the study?
You will be given any new information gained during the course of the study that might affect your willingness to continue your participation.

10. How will information about you be protected?
It is possible that someone could figure out who you are even though your name is kept confidential. In order to minimize this risk, the researcher is the only one that will see your consent form with your name and signature on it. The researcher’s notes and writing will be kept on a password-protected computer to which only the researcher will have the password to access. The researcher will use a pseudonym (fake names) for you. The list that links your name with your pseudonym will be kept on a separate password-protected computer to which only the researcher will have the password to access; your comments and the names list will not be stored on the same computer.

Your responses will be emailed to the researcher’s DSA, LLC email account which is password-protected and only the researcher knows the password. Upon receipt of email interviews the researcher will replace your name and anyone other names mentioned with pseudonyms and save the file in a password-protected file to which only the researcher knows the password. The pseudonyms will be used during analyses of the study findings. Immediately after a coded copy of the electronic interview is created, your original email will be deleted. I will not share your responses with TAs, professors, peers, staff, or anyone else. Your identity will be kept private in all discussions, written documents, and presentations related to this study.

Participants will not be identified in any report or publication about this study. Although every effort will be made to keep research records private, there may be times when federal or state law requires the disclosure of such records, including personal information. This is very unlikely, but if disclosure is ever required, DSA, LLC will take steps allowable by law to protect the privacy of personal information. In some cases, your information in this research study could be reviewed by representatives of DSA, LLC, research sponsors, or government agencies for purposes such as quality control or safety. The researcher will write a short report for participants, but will not include your name or what you wrote. What you write to the researcher will be kept private.

11. What if you want to stop before your part in the study is complete?
You can withdraw from this study at any time, without penalty.  

12. Will you receive anything for being in this study?
You will not receive anything for taking part in this study.

13. Will it cost you anything to be in this study?
It will not cost you anything to be in this study.

14. What if you have questions about this study?
You have the right to ask, and have answered, any questions you may have about this research. If you have questions about the study, complaints, concerns, or if a research-related injury occurs, you should contact the researcher.

15. What if you have questions about your rights as a research participant?
All research on human volunteers is reviewed by a committee that works to protect your rights and welfare.  If you have questions or concerns about your rights as a research subject, or if you would like to obtain information or offer input, you may contact the Institutional Review Board. Here is how to contact the research team for questions, concerns, or complaints about the research.

By Phone: (919) 484 1925
By email:
By Mail:
Attn: Derrick Drakeford, Ph.D.
Drakeford, Scott, & Associates, LLC
6409 Fayetteville St. Ste 120-126
Durham, NC 27713

To contact someone independent of the research team for questions, concerns, or complaints about the research; questions about the subjects’ rights; to obtain information; or to offer input.  
Phone: Solutionsirb (855)226-4472

Participant’s Agreement:

I have read the information provided above.  I have asked all the questions I have at this time.  I voluntarily agree to participate in this research study.
_Derrick Drakeford_________
Signature of Research Team Member Obtaining Consent

_Derrick Drakeford, Ph.D._____________________________________________________
Printed Name of Research Team Member Obtaining Consent  

****COURSE LINK*******

*Remember after the course make sure complete the post course survey at this link:

Thank you for your participation

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