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Future Leaders Outreach Network (FLON), a non-profit community based organization has teamed up with the Kansas City Kansas Public Schools – Unified District No. 500, Wyandotte County, Kansas to implement the ​Young Leaders of Distinction (YLOD) Program ​(Part of the Pursuing MY Dreams EAGLES Club Project).

Since 1999, FLON, has a successful track record teaching over 275,000 students in three States to set behavioral boundaries from youth risk behaviors to include: Drugs, alcohol, violence/bullying, tobacco/vaping and prevention from teen pregnancy, in order to stay focused on graduating from High School Career and or College Ready.

Funded by the Family Youth Services Bureau, FLON was awarded grant funds to teach age appropriate curriculums – Choosing The Best Way and Pursuing MY Dreams – Let MY Journey Begin! (Grades 5-7). Also students grades 8 – 12 are taught Choosing The Best Journey and Pursuing MY Dreams – I Can Do It!. Below are the topics that our Facilitators/Teachers will teach.

Length of Program: Students grades 5-7 are taught six (6) modules and students grades 8-12 are taught eight (8) modules.

Topics: Healthy Life Skills Equals Healthy Future, Learning How to Say, No, Healthy Relationships vs. Unhealthy Relationships, Unlocking MY Potential (Increasing self-esteem, self-worth), Controlling MY Emotions, Discovering MY Future Career, Mapping MY Future. Additionally, students grades 8-12 are taught Job Readiness and Overcoming Pressure. The program is fun, interactive and most importantly, equips your student to not get involved in youth risk behaviors and to begin thinking about their future plans after graduating from High School. Students will receive a gift after completing the program.

These classes will not interrupt any of the participant’s major courses or activities.

Parent Involvement—Lessons provide at-home opportunities for parent to child interaction. ​If your child does not participate a different assignment will be provided during this time.

Thank you in advance for allowing your child to participate in the program.

Monica Portley,
Associate Director
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