08/18/17 Teaching Inclusively to Diverse Groups: Facilitator Joe Bandy, CFT Assistant Director
In our increasingly diverse classrooms, it is important to support the development of every student and to structure equal opportunities for learning for all who enroll. Unfortunately, our teaching practices may fall short in their attempts to do this, particularly for underrepresented or more marginal student groups who may face difficulties finding belonging. Based on existing research and the experiences of Vanderbilt faculty, this workshop will discuss common challenges to inclusive teaching and strategies for creating more dynamic, participatory, and diverse learning environments. Particular attention will be given to discussion leading and leveraging student differences for more engaged and productive learning.

Date: Friday, August, 18th
Time: 11:30am-1:00pm Session includes lunch
Location: Center for Teaching Classroom, 1114 19th Ave South, 3rd Floor
Open to all Vanderbilt Faculty, and Staff

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