How do you describe design?
This survey is part of Chaehan So's design dimensions research 2017. His goal is to disentangle design into dimensions that people can distinguish psychologically.
If this succeeds, feedback on these psychological dimensions could help designers improve their design work in specific ways. The accelerated learning cycle could fundamentally improve design thinking.
Your 10-min input will be most valuable if you give an answer exactly to the labels (etc. a little, a lot) which resonate the most with your inner feelings. Therefore, answer in an intuitive and emotional way.
Thank you.
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Design in Your Life
All following questions focus on your personal perception on design, rather than any dictionary or academic knowledge of design.
Think about your favorite design works for a moment. Imagine you experience them directly now.
Most importantly, don't tick the same response when you get bored - this will destroy the validity of your input.
Design Description 1: This design is...
How well do the following adjectives describe the quality of design work?
In other words, does it make sense to say "this design is...(adjective" to express it is good design?
not at all
a little
moderately well
a lot
extremely well
Your occupation
The category "Design Academic" includes professors of design as well as Ph.D. candidates in a design field. The category "Design Professional" includes for example: product designer, industrial designer, digital media designer, UX designer, design company founder/manager, design thinking coach/consultant.
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