Guided Meditation Art with Kim Lukens
Saturday 4/17
The Attic at Marigold Wellness Collective
1:00 PM

$20 Admission Fee
Members - 1 credit

**You do not need to be an artist to benefit from this session.  You cannot get art wrong!  The reward is in the act of creating and can even help during a wellbeing transformation.  This class is about the process.** 

This session begins with guided meditation.  You will have the opportunity to journal whatever you noticed while we were quiet together and present with our thoughts.  What you were mindful of becomes the starting point for the art!  I am able to help you co-create art from what you recognized or you can work independently with the remaining available time.  There will be an opportunity to share in a safe space what it meant to you and your finished piece as well as opportunity for discussion around some “common meanings.”  
When we are able to get quiet and present, our minds are able to go to the things we need to work through or want to focus on.  This session can be repeated as often as you would like or can be the starting point for one-on-one sessions for a deeper dive into ANY areas you want to set goals in.

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