Site-Specific Open Call
The proposed works that will be selected can be created remotely in collaboration with the curators of LIF or during a residency in Sikinos, for the development of their work, two months before the final presentation at the festival.
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The successful applicants will receive support:

- In travelling costs, accommodation and materials
- With any creative, production and logistical issues
- In promotion through our webpage and social media
- With any applications to secure additional funding

* There is no artist fee but the organization will cover your travel & accommodation costs
during the festival and all of your residency costs two months earlier to create your work on site.
Copyright Terms

I hereby state that I own the copyright of the submitted work. By sending the present application online, I accept the terms and conditions and I give the festival the right to:

Present the submitted work within the events of LIF Festival 2020 and/or future editions, presentations and curating.

Present the submitted work on the festival’s website

Publish stills and pictures of the submitted work in the festival’s leaflets and posters, its website and the press.

Publish the texts attached in the application form (cv, brief presentation etc.) in the festival’s leaflets, its website, its social network pages and the press and keep the submitted work in the festival’s record (non-profit use).
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