Day of Remembrance Road Concert: Submission Form
Day of Remembrance Road Concert: DTLA Spring and Main Loop

Submission Form (below)

Los Angeles Road Concerts is seeking artists of all kinds to install or perform site-specific works in unused public space in Downtown Los Angeles along a loop made of 1st, Spring, 9th and Main St. as part of World Day of Remembrance, Sunday, November 20, 2016. Submissions may be sent directly to

Choosing a location:
The Day of Remembrance Road Concert loop traverses DTLA’s Historic Core, starting at 1st and Spring at City Hall, moving southeasterly along with Spring’s green-painted one-way dedicated bike lane, passing by Los Angeles Police Department Headquarters, the Los Angeles Times Building, the Ronald Reagan State Building, $9 flat rate public parking lots, a Wells Fargo, Spring Street Park, The Last Bookstore, entering the Fashion District, passing lofts, bourgie restaurants, murals, businesspeople from the Financial District, taking a sharp left where Spring ends on Main, moving northeasterly past many fabric stores, many art galleries, past homeless people’s encampments, a block away from Skid Row, through the Old Bank District, past the haunted Hotel Cecil, a Bernie Sanders mural, the still-open Downtown Independent, the Smell and New Jalisco Bar, the futuristic Caltrans District 7 Headquarters, and turning left on 1st Street, returning to City Hall.

Choosing a time:
Each work can have an earliest and latest time for the audience to arrive at their respective spots, which will be listed on both the official website and the downloadable event program and map. Times are loose and overlap so the audience can be on their own schedule: to find bike or car parking, to get a bacon wrapped hot dog, to choose how long to spend at each spot, skip spots, to daydream or roam around DTLA. Your piece can last for as short as a millisecond or longer than the day of the event itself, and you don't need to be physically present or in just one location.

Event program/map, website and live blog:
Maps, info and downloadable art will be obtainable at a week before the audience embarks on Sunday, November 20th, as well as at the first event stop (TBD). In the program there will be room for optional program notes: your bio, a description of your piece, instructions, or else some esoteric wordplay, a quote, whatever you want so as to entice the audience. You might not even want to be listed in the program. There will also be an event blog, and both the participating artists and the audience are encouraged to post documentation to it, live or afterward, via e-mail or text message.

The preferred deadline for submissions is November 1st, though submissions will be accepted until a week before the event.

Previous road concert projects can be viewed through the website: (site relaunch: TBD)

Feel free to call or text me (Stephen van Dyck) at 505-331-9588 to discuss your potential submission. Please also let us know if you have any suggestions! And please forward this along to anyone who you think would be interested in getting involved.

Thank you,

LA Road Concerts / Stephen van Dyck

A list of possibilities, in no particular order:

CURB DANCE - Exploring the built environment using our bodies. - METROCYBORGS - Will the future transportation solution blur the lines between our bodies and our vehicles? How are current advances in technology making our roads safer? Or more dangerous? - ALT MAPPING - Hand out maps of useful, fun or odd bike/ped/skate info, for example all the smoothest pavement spots to skate on, all the best places to "pop a wheely." - MEMORIALS - A thousand white shoes for pedestrian road victims. A space for loved ones to grieve and be heard. - TRANSPORTATION AND RACE - Children of color, particularly Latinos and African Americans, are more likely to bike or walk to school than white students. Growth in bicycle ridership is occurring most rapidly among African Americans and Asian Americans. - BIKE LANE MUSIC - Compositions for cyclists, pedestrians and skateboarders for live instrumental performance or sound installation. - TRAFFIC DYSTOPIA - How did LA boosterism sell a dangerous lie? - FANTASY TRANSITOPIA - Imagine a fantasy future of a perfect system with no traffic deaths. - A SPACE FOR LISTENING - A sculpture for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc, to sit/stand/wear and listen to each other. - ACCIDENTS AND GENDER - What's the deal with men? 70% of collisions that result in the death or severe injury of someone walking or biking in LA involves a male driver. - THANKS - A conversation on how to say thanks to safe drivers. - UNDER THE INFLUENCE - What does it mean to be sober and attentive? Why is everyone so tired? - CAR TOLERANT FASHION - A runway show of metal bumper armor with blinding light beams and deafening sirens to walk to work. How can fashion make us safer? - MICROCURRENCY - Create dollars for car-free people and supportive businesses. - GPS STORIES - Mapping accident stories through recorded interviews. - LOSS ANGELES - What's the deal with LA? Why does LA have the highest rate of accidents of any major US city? - ROAD PLAY - How can we use "play" to make sense of public space and movement? - GUIDED WALKS - Make an audio tour of the CalTrans Building, City Hall, Reagan Building or LAPD Building or someplace else - CLASS AND RISK - Children and adults from low-income households have a higher risk of being injured or killed while walking than residents of upper-income areas. - BIKE SPEED DATING - How to connect with strangers or even make meaningful lasting connections from solitary transit machines. - POST CAR LOVE – An opera about falling in love with your Uber driver. – GET IN THE ZONE – How do we as the public have a say in zoning laws and restrictions, the sizes of sidewalks, etc? DTLA DANGER - 600+ people on foot were hit by cars in DTLA over 12 years, averaging a person a week.

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