ENV Baptism Registration & Testimony Guide
Welcome! Congratulations on your decision to demonstrate your commitment to following Jesus.

Our Church has created this form for you to write out your testimony. Its purpose to guide you in describing your journey in a way that is clear to those listening, represents biblical truth, and is short enough to fit into the Sunday service.

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Friend / Mentor (If Applicable)
Someone who went through Establish with you or brought you to church etc.
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Who is an ENV mentor and leader, that would like to perform your baptism, along with the Pastor? *
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Please use the following 3 boxes as a guide to help you write your testimony. Testimonies are typically structured in these three sections. This guide will help your testimony stay brief, clear, and Christ centered! We will review your testimony and give you some feedback if necessary.

At ENV we film our testimonies on a preceding Sunday after Church. We will be in touch with you about the filming date.

Describe your life before Christ. (3-4 sentences)
"Before I knew Christ I was..."
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What lead you to discover Jesus? Why did you make this decision? ( (3-4 sentences)
"I met Jesus through... I decided to follow him because..."
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What is your life like after deciding to follow Jesus? (3-4 sentences)
"Since deciding to follow Jesus now I..."
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