Do you want to shape how the Regeneration of Glencoyne Square will impact your community?
Southmead Development Trust are producing a Local Lettings Policy to work alongside Bristol City Councils HomeChoice allocation scheme, which will enable the local community to help shape how Southmead grows.

Local Lettings Policies can be used to help ensure social and affordable rented housing priority is given to people who are most in need of specific types of accommodation and will help grow the local community in a positive way. The Local Lettings Policy for Glencoyne Square will be designed to address issues specific to Southmead, which may include prioritising existing elderly residents who need to downsize into more manageable homes or younger people from Southmead to allow them to stay within the area.

Ongoing consultation will drive and inform the direction of the Local Lettings Policy and Southmead Development Trust will be engaging with the community throughout the process.

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