The Board of Education welcomes audience participation at its meetings. These guidelines, which are based on the Board of Education By-Laws and Policies, are intended to facilitate the orderly conduct of the audience participation portion of Board of Education meetings.

The District encourages parents, students and others to resolve issues at the building level whenever possible – with the teacher or building principal or assistant principal. Issues not resolved at the building level may be addressed to the appropriate central office administrator and then if necessary, to the Superintendent. The Board of Education discourages parents, students and others from addressing the Board of Education on issues that have not been processed in this fashion and will, in such cases, direct the person addressing the Board of Education to the appropriate administrator. All HPS staff members must adhere to the chain of command and address issues with their direct supervisor BEFORE bringing the issue to the Board of Education

• Persons wishing to address the Board of Education must complete an audience participation form and submit it to the Board’s President before the meeting starts. Forms may be accepted after the meeting starts.

• The Board’s President will recognize speakers.

• Speakers must limit their comments to three minutes or less unless, due to the number of persons desiring to address the Board, the Board’s President limits comments to two minutes or less. Speakers may not defer any part of their time to others.

• Speakers must identify themselves by name and address. Speakers representing organizations or groups should indicate whether their comments represent the official position of those organizations or groups.

• Speakers should observe the rules of common courtesy. Personal attacks on Board members and District employees will not be tolerated. Board members and District employees may request the Board entertain complaints against them in closed session.

• The audience participation portion of Board of Education meetings does not exceed 30 minutes.

• Board of Education members may question speakers to gain additional information. However, the Board of Education does not debate audience participation items.

• The Board of Education reserves the right to take any action permitted by law to ensure order at its meetings, including the expulsion of disorderly persons.
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