Library Facilities Evaluation Survey
Your opinion will help us identify and prioritize further improvements to the Bellevue University Library. Complete a survey** and you will be automatically entered in a drawing for a $10 Amazon Gift Card.

**Only one entry allowed per person. The prize drawing will occur on November 3, 2020, and the winner will be notified via e-mail. Anonymous surveys are ineligible for the prize drawing.
General Area
1. Have you ever been inside of the Bellevue University Library? *
2. What study areas in the library do you use? (Select all that apply) *
3. What could make you come into the library more? *
Public Computers
4. Are the public computers welcoming? *
5. If you said no to the previous question, why?
6. Is public computer signage easy to understand and locate? *
7. Are the public computers easy to identify? *
8. What obstacles might a user encounter using the public computers?
Library Entryways
9. Are the entryways welcoming? *
10. What areas of the library can you navigate to from the entryways? (Select all that apply) *
11. Is signage for and around the entryways easy to understand and locate? *
Study Areas
This includes the grey pod booths near the study rooms, the study rooms, booths near the newspapers, and tables
12. Can you identify where the study areas are? *
13. If you said no, why?
14. Is signage for the study areas easy to understand and locate? *
15. Are there any obstacles you've encountered while trying to utilize any of the study areas?
Clear selection
16. If you answered no to the previous question, why?
Overall Facilities
17. What do you like the most about the physical library? *
18. What do you dislike most about the physical library? *
19. What would you like for the newly vacated open area (near Lib 460) to be used for? *
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