Call for Papers (CFP)
Congratulations! We're so pleased you've chosen BSides Melbourne to submit your talk. Our Review Board are looking forward to reading your submission.
Welcome to BSides Melbourne
The team at BSides Melbourne are dedicated to providing a friendly and welcoming platform for you to present your work. We encourage first-time speakers and students as well as new and seasonal professionals to participate.
Opens: 26th August, 2019
Closes: 10th November, 2019
Notifications To Applicants: End of November/Early December.
Format and Length of Talks
This year, BSides Melbourne introduces three tracks:
- General Track (speaker coach is optional) - 30 or 45 min talk
- Rookie / N00b Track (paired with a speaker coach) - 15 or 30 min talk
- Career Track (journeys and experiences into Information Security) - 15/20 min talk
Multiple Submissions
Multiple submissions are welcomed, however, each talk must be submitted via a separate submission form.
Speaker Mentoring
BSides Melbourne will once again be offering a mentoring program for speakers specifically those who sign up for the Rookie / N00b track. You can also request a mentor for the general track if you would like that little bit of extra help or support.

Our goal is to remove the barriers that would prevent someone from submitting their work, and to equip those individuals with the skills they need to successfully present their information.

If you would like a mentor, please include this request when you submit your paper. Please note ALL speakers in the Rookie track will be paired with a coach.
By submitting your talk you agree to the following:

* Your talk will clearly detail concepts, ideas, findings, and solutions; be objective, and discuss open source approaches where applicable
* Your talk will not include any product or vendor-related pitches
* Talks must only be submitted by researchers/speakers. Absolutely no submissions from PR firms/marketing representatives.
* Employer logo on two slides only: The Introduction and Biography/Who Am I.
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