Curbside Pick-up & Home Delivery
Orcas Food Co-op is proud to continue serving our community during this difficult time. Orders currently have about a 24 hour turnaround time. If you want to order for a day further out than 24 hours, please wait to place your order. If you need your order faster, please indicate that the order is "Urgent" or "Very Urgent" while completing this form.

We are working hard to get our staff systems and scheduling in place to make the operation run as smoothly as possible. We have found that at certain times of day we haven't been able to keep up with all the phone calls while handling all the various stages of receiving orders and getting orders out the door, all while still building out the infrastructure of the system such as the website and getting our inventory online, etc. Here are some requests that we have for you to help make this transition a little smoother:

--- Please place orders approximately 24 hrs before you would like to pick up your order or have it delivered. This works for our rhythm and ordering further in advance creates complications.
--- Place orders online at rather than emailing or calling them in. This saves us a ton of time and reduces errors.
--- Plan your orders carefully, and place fewer, larger orders per week.
--- Avoid add-ons after your order has been submitted. Add-ons create a logistical challenge for our Grocery Gatherers, compounded by the strict sanitation practices we are following.
--- Once your order is placed, trust that we will contact you within 12-16 hours with your pick-up time slot, or sooner for more urgent orders. If you can avoid calling us an extra time, it helps us provide better service to everyone.
--- If we screw something up please trust we will make it right with you. We may not be able to do it right when you are picking up due to inability for us to hand product back and forth, for example, due to safe handling procedures, but we have records and can fix mistakes after the fact. Thanks for your understanding. We appreciate you!
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Please Note: A box charge of $3 per box to cover our costs will be added to your total. If this is hardship for you, we are happy to wave the box fee. Just let us know.
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