*SLIMM: Sustainable Laboratory Improvement Maturity Matrix for Ventilation Management and Upgrades (VMU)
Welcome to the I2SL benchmarking project for laboratory improvement. This is a demonstration version of the SLIMM benchmarking tool for teams and technology. These questionnaires are designed to reveal opportunities for improved safety, cost savings, ventilation performance, reduced work load, and energy reductions. They are possible through pro-active ventilation management and upgrades (VMU).

Please answer the multiple choice questions to the best of your ability.
-- Educated Estimates OK
-- “Unsure” if no idea. This reply is valuable.
-- “NA” if does not apply

Respond to 2-3 sections according to:
1. Expertise
2. A familiar section
3. An unfamiliar section
4. More replies are welcome

Your constructive comments are most welcome at the end of each section, and at the end of the questionnaire. What questions or practices do you wish were here? What should be eliminated? Is this benchmark tool a good idea? Who most needs this tool?

%SF = Percentage of area at this site or building where this practice is in place
...and = Includes previous replies
ACH = Air Changes Per Hour (6 ACH ~ 1 CFM/SF)
BAS = Building Automation System
ECM = Energy Conservation Measure
LVMP = Laboratory Ventilation Management Plan
SME = Subject Matter Expert in facilities, safety, research, finance, etc.
SOO = Sequence of Operations

Thank You, Allen Doyle, Project Lead, Sustainability Visions, LLC allendoyle@sustainabilityvisions@gmail.com
Jim Coogan--Siemens
Quentin Gilly--Harvard
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