Thistle Do Gooders
Little Thistle Brewing Co is proud to announce the beginnings of a group dedicated to volunteering and helping build a beautiful future for our community. This merry-band of folks will formally be known as the Thistle Do Gooders. The name pays homage to our brewery and taproom while also signaling our commitment to giving back to our neighborhood, city, and community at-large. To kick this endeavor off, we'll start with 30 folks (socially distanced, of course) who want to enjoy some light hiking and picking up trash.

We'll meet at the brewery at 9AM (Saturday, June 27) in the east parking lot (please drive around the back of the building) to pickup garbage bags, garbage grabbers, and to pick trail sections for each group. Please bring your own gloves, mask, and comfortable shoes. We can refill water bottles at the brewery.

In order to respect social distancing guidelines, we'll tackle the trail in smaller groups (<10) and will need to travel to each access point as a family or individually.

We'll meet back at the brewery at 11AM to get you fine folks a couple of free pints to be enjoyed on our patio.

If you have any questions/concerns, please contact Nate at

Thank you so very much for your support of Little Thistle and our community!
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