Asian Dance Showcase Sign Ups for Kisetsucon 2019!
Thank you for your interest in dancing in the Asian Dance Showcase for Kisetsucon 2019!
ALL participants of the Asian Dance Showcase must start here and sign up to dance! If you do not sign up here, you cannot dance in the show or participate in the discussion! Signing up here will put you on our official list of performers and make sure that every person is accounted for. Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to a fun show! ^^

All rules and details of the show including details on how to suggest routines are here! Please read through everything as you are responsible for all of this information! -

Signing up here will allow you entry into the official planning group page for the showcase, which is here-

If you need anything edited on this form after submitting or have any questions/concerns, please contact the event director, Katherine Lee, on Facebook by private message here -
Or you can email at
Full Name *
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Preferred Name To Be Called
I know some people prefer to be called another name and not their real name. If you have a preferred name that you'd rather be addressed by, please specify that here! I apologize in advance if we call you by the wrong name, but none of that is intentional and to avoid that, I hope this part of the sign up helps! If you do not fill this out, I will default to either your full name or name on facebook.
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Name on Facebook *
Since we are using Facebook groups to coordinate dances, I know some people have their Facebook account under a different name or fake name. Please tell us here what Facebook name you are using to communicate with. If it's the same as your full name, then please put it again.
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Stage Name *
This is for you individually. This would be the name that we would use on the program for you. Can be a nickname/alias/cosplay name if you choose. *Note: If you don't have one and you prefer your regular name, just put your first name instead of your whole name. If you put your full name, I will opt to just use your first name on the program for space. If that is an issue, please let me know! ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT PUT YOUR DANCE GROUP NAME HERE IF YOU HAVE ONE. THAT IS FOR THE NEXT QUESTION. This name is for YOU only. You will be named as a member of your group if you are in one, so we cannot list the same name since that won't make sense.
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Official Dance Group Name *if applicable
If you are dancing as part of a pre-existing official dance group that has an official name, please say what the group name is. This is just to keep track of anybody in dance groups. If you are dancing in a group, but do NOT have an official name, you do NOT need to make one up and fill this out. Just leave blank if so. *For example, if you are part of RIT ACDC and dancing with that group, you can write that here.
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Gender *
Email *
We will be using the Facebook group page for most communications, but this allows for another way of contacting you if needed.
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Dance Experience *
All dance experience levels are welcome in the show. This is just for statistics reasons and to see what people are joining us!
How did you hear about this showcase? *
Are you preregistered for the con? *
BADGES ARE REQUIRED FOR PARTICIPATION. If you have not done so, please purchase prereg by Sunday, September 29th at the latest, which is the day prereg ends for the con. Badges will be checked at con entrance. If you do not have one, unfortunately you will not be allowed to participate. This will be checked! You may inform me of when you will prereg or something in the "other" option if you wish. Register here! -
Did you read all the rules and details of the show? *
All rules and details of the show are here - Please read through everything. You are responsible for all of this information. Thank you!
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