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Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash have billions of dollars in cash, but we have something far more powerful. We have drivers and supporters like you! Sign up to call voters, slam the brakes on the app companies’ deceptive ballot measure, and help us to defeat Prop 22.
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TRAINING: To phone bank voters about No on Prop 22, you must join a virtual training over Zoom. We have trainings Monday - Friday 5-6 pm PST. Please check which day you are available for a training under the "Weekdays" section.
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PHONEBANKS: Weekday phone banks are scheduled Monday-Friday from 4-8 pm PST. Saturday phone banks are from 11 am-3 pm PST. Sunday phone banks are scheduled from 1 pm-5 pm PST. Please mark when you plan to join under each section.
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