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FeelGood Book Club, Winter 16-17'
Have you ever wanted to take a class on FeelGood or read a foundational book of FeelGood philosophy? Now's a great opportunity! Join our book club this winter break to partake in a weekly discussion group about a book of our choice. Sign up here BY DECEMBER 28TH and vote on a book choice! Then we will contact you about times to meet over the course of the month of January.
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So we can contact you to coordinate meeting times.
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In case you aren't in your email much over break.
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Description of the books: "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible" - proposes that humanity is living in a time of transition between the old story of our world and the new, from the "story of separation" where humans are separate from each other and the planet to the "story of inter-being" or the story of a world we really care about. "The Soul of Money" explores our deeply-held beliefs about money, the way it controls us and how we can control it, and some insights into fundraising with the heart.
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