Digital Survey of Parents
Which of the following are you familiar with?
(You've heard of it.)
Which of the following do you USE?
Please respond
Strongly Agree
Strongly disagree
I have talked to my child about digital citizenship
I have spoken to my child about "sexting". 
Most kids have smartphones
My child would get better grades if he/she was online/connected LESS
Social media improves relationships.
I wish people spent less time online.
Devices/internet are MAJOR distractions for my child.
Devices/internet are MAJOR distractions for ME.
Phone, devices and the internet interfere with family time.
I worry about my child being cyber-bullied.
I worry about "stranger danger" and social media.
I worry about my child's "digital footprint" (What will colleges/employers think) 
I worry about "sexting".
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