As part of an global project exploring new ways of re-imagining Parent Teacher Conferences, I am conducting research and would appreciate it if you would participate in this quiz. I promise that it'll be quick and hopefully fun... so give it a go and we might just be able to make Parent Teacher Conferences a little bit more enjoyable for everybody!

Much appreciated.

Alain Clapham FRSA
Please indicate the categories you represent *
1. Which one is NOT a phrase commonly used by young people in the UK *
2. Who plays Raven in the X-Men series? *
3. Which of these was NOT a trending social media challenge? *
4. Your child is out later than you expected – how would they contact you? *
5. What is the object above? *
6. Which celebrity has the biggest social media following on Twitter *
7. Which song did Ed Sheeran sing? *
8. Which one of these is NOT a genre of music? *
9. Which country is singer Rihanna from? *
10. Can you suggest a way we can improve Parent Teacher Conferences?
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