CRW Writing Retreat - October 2018
The Contemporary Romance Writers retreat will take place Friday, October 12, 2018 through Sunday, October 14, 2018.

Guest Speaker
Bestselling Author Jamie Beck will be giving workshops on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

1. The Contemporary Romance Writers retreat will take place at the Olmsted Center, the Kirkwood House. You can visit the website at

2. The physical address is: Kirkwood House: 146 Bay View Avenue, Cornwall on Hudson, NY 12520.

3. The facility includes bedding and towels. Each room has 2 beds. Each member will have their own bed but will share a room with 1 person. Each bedroom has a bathroom that is shared with another bedroom.

4. The facility will host up to 20 members total. There is a minimum 12 member requirement.

Check-in Time on Friday: 3pm EST. Dinner will be served at 6pm EST.

Check-out Time on Sunday: 3pm EST

The retreat includes 6 meals:
Friday - dinner
Saturday - breakfast, lunch, dinner
Sunday - breakfast, lunch

All meals are served in the venue's dining room.
*Please see the "Forms" section if you have dietary restrictions.

1. Retreat spots are on a first come first serve basis, based on deposit payments and full payments. Those who make their deposits or pay in full will be guaranteed a spot.

2. There are only 20 slots total for the Contemporary Romance Writers retreat.

3. All deposits are non-refundable. We absolutely will not refund deposits. This is due to the venue requiring a deposit from the chapter to hold the venue. Please do not make a deposit to hold your spot if you do not intend on attending the retreat.

4. Deposits are transferrable but it is up to the writer/attendee to fill the spot and make that transaction to be reimbursed personally. The Contemporary Romance Writers chapter is not responsible for deposit or slot transfers.

5. If transferring a deposit or slot, the writer must inform the Contemporary Romance Writers as the new attendee will need to fill out a venue form.

6. Members, who sign up via the Google Docs form, will be invoiced the full amount. Members have the option to pay the deposit fee or the full amount at that time.

7. Price: $270.00 per person. Deposit: $135.00. Deposits are credit toward your total amount of $270.00 per person.

8. Final payments are due by September 9, 2018.

10: Fees are based upon having 20 members sign up for the retreat. If the retreat does not have 20 members sign up, the CRW will open the retreat to RWA members to fill the slots to keep the cost at the minimum price.

All retreat attendees are responsible for their own transportation to and from the venue.

Once final payment is made, each retreat attendee will be sent a form from Olmstead with general information, including any food requirements due to diet restrictions. Those forms will be due back immediately to be forwarded to the venue by the retreat coordinator.

Weekend Agenda
An agenda will be forwarded when 12 sign-ups have been reached. Please note, agendas are not mandatory. Participation in agenda activities is purely optional based on writers' needs/wants.

Attendees will be randomly assigned rooms unless 2 writers request to room with each other.

A private Facebook group will be started for all retreat attendees. This group will be utilized for discussions of events, transportation, arrival times, or anything that attendees may want to pre-plan.

Attendee Responsibilities
Each attendee is spending a significant amount of money to attend this retreat. Absolutely no behavior deemed threatening, bullying, distracting, destructive, self-destructive, or negative will be tolerated. All attendees will be held to the CRW chapter and RWA membership code of ethics. Attendees who are determined to be exhibiting behaviors that conflict with the chapter and RWA code of ethics will be removed from the event immediately, without refund and furthermore face removal from the CRW chapter based on event behavior and reported to RWA for code-of-ethics violation at a chapter event. A CRW board member will be present at the retreat to determine any actions to be taken.
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