Survey contest "NOTOX and you"
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Aware of our brand future, we decide to request our community.
We offer you the possibility to help us to challenge the leading concept of NOTOX as a sustainability surfboard manufacturer, in order to define and articulate with clarity NOTOX’s uniqueness, vision and ambition.
In order to do so, we are interviewing with willing followers, so as to have several different external views and perspectives of the brand, its uniqueness and perception.

The survey will be closed the 15th of August 2016. Then we will organize a random drawn: 1 of the 100 first answers will be drawn and its writer will receive our new NOTOX Type C skateboard, fully equipped (estimated value: 320$USD).
No doublespeak! Your answers will not impact the result of the random drawn (of course). Deliver your true vision, the way you perceive the brand. Let's go!
Can you briefly introduce yourself? *
How would you summarize NOTOX in few words? What do you like most about NOTOX? *
In your opinion, what are the key strengths of NOTOX, and its key weaknesses? How canNOTOX improve on these perceived weaknesses? *
Which, if any, of your own personal values do you share with the NOTOX brand? *
In your opinion, what are the key expectations of NOTOX clients? *
For you, which surfboard manufacturers are comparable to NOTOX? *
What do you think NOTOX’s comparable brands are doing right? Is there a specificmarketing initiative or recent move you may have in mind? *
What does NOTOX do to stand out and be unique? What can it do in the future to be even more unique? *
Your email address (will be used for contacting you in case you win the prize drawn) *
Many thanks
All the team thanks you for your time and kind collaboration. Your remarks will be considered with a high level of priority. Thank you for sharing with us the same passion and for participating to our quest to a fairer board riding world.

Sincerely yours,

Pierre Pomiers (CEO).
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