Happy Home Breakthrough Session
Happy Home empowers you to become a Confident and Compassionate leader in your family dedicated to transforming everyday parenting challenges into Connection and Cooperation. Happy Home helps you create a lifetime foundation of positive parenting empowerment.

Your Happy Home Positive Parenting Breakthrough is designed to offer individualized support to your top parenting challenge session, while helping you learn more about how Happy Home programming can bring positive change and transformation to your family,

Please complete this form before your 30 minute session with Megan. Thank you and see you in your session!
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I am ready and able to invest the time, energy and financial resources to bring positive change and transformation to my family. Tuition rates for an 8 week program journey are: Happy Home Self Paced Program: $495. Happy Home Mastermind: $1,500. Happy Home 1:1 Coaching: $2,500. *
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Thank you and I look forward to your Happy Home positive parenting breakthrough session.
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