2018 Pork Instructions

HOGS ARE GOING TO BUTCHER October 15, 2018 with pick-up the weekend of October 27th. .

Thank you for ordering a whole or half of a hog from Henry Meat Co. Our hogs are raised on our farm in De Soto, MO and are raised outside and on dirt where they have plenty of room to play and explore. Our hogs are fed locally raised grain and supplements.

With your half or whole hog order, you will get the following cuts of meat: Ground sausage, ham and/or ham steaks, boneless chops, pork steaks, shoulder roasts, baby back ribs, spare ribs, smoked jowl, bacon ends, and BACON!!

You don't pay anything until you pick up your hog. We accept cash, debit and credit. The meat will be solid frozen, vacuum sealed in individual packages, and labeled by cut.

Thank you for ordering from Henry Family Farms! We appreciate your support of local agriculture!

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I am ordering....
I would like _______ (number of) chops and steaks per package
Do you want your chops boneless or bone-in? If you choose bone-in then you will not receive the baby back ribs and the tenderloin.
How thick do you want your chops?
How thick do you want your steaks?
The ground sausage will come in 1lb. packages. What flavor would you like?
You will get ham hocks with your hog. These are great for ham an beans, soups, or to cube. The back leg of the hog is the ham. We suggest if you want the leg left as a ham, to have it cut into half hams.
Do you want your ham smoked or fresh? If getting it fresh, please understand it will be similar to a pork roast.
Bacon will be sliced medium and packaged in 1lb. packages. Do you want your bacon smoked or fresh? Smoked is how you typically get it in the store. Fresh bacon does not take like bacon you may be familiar.
Hog Jowls, smoked and sliced like bacon. Are good for cooking or frying like bacon.
Do you want the jowls? If not, it will be ground with the sausage.
In addition to the above, you will receive shoulder roast(s), spare ribs, and ham hocks (if you are getting your ham smoked). Please place any additional comments or questions here.
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