I Hereby #Sign4NC
Be a part of NC history! Please complete this form if you are currently a North Carolina teacher and you would like to virtually sign the "Declaration in Defense of North Carolina's Public School Children" for your district! Email us a "signature" picture (see easy directions at the bottom of this form). If selected, your picture will be included in a mosaic of 100+ other teachers who are signing all across NC!
Part 1 of 3: Personal Info
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Part 2 of 3 - Review directions for taking/sharing your Signature Picture
1. Wear red and/or stand in front of a red background!
2. Make a sign with your Signature and District on it - write it large and legibly with a thick, dark marker.
3. Have your picture taken in such a way that we can crop the picture to be a square (in other words, do not hold your sign out to the side too much - see samples below)
4. Email a High Resolution photo and Full Name to red4ednc@gmail.com
5. Look for Facebook profile frames to share on social media with #sign4nc
Take a screenshot for reference:
Part 3 of 3 - Submit and stay tuned!
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