Expression of interest in purchasing Chromebook
This simple form will allow us to collect the information we need to be able to share the details of options that are available to you in order to purchase a Chromebook. You are, of course, able to purchase Chromebooks elsewhere. However, in order to use Chromebooks in school they must be registered to our domain. We incur a charge of £20 to do this, and would have to pass that on to parents. If you purchase a Chromebook through the school this charge is included in the price. You must also be aware that whilst the Chromebook will work on any wireless network, it will only work with a Cullompton Community College account. This allows us meet our E-Safety and safeguarding requirements. It also allows you to have confidence that where-ever in the world a student is working, they will have the same strict and safe filtering policies applied as if they were on school. We have asked for your email address in this form so we can send you relevant documents and keep you up to date.
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