biology, hierarchy, essential Bozeman Vquiz 2018
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1. What is biology?
2. Who is this a picture of? see diagram 1 below
Diagram 1
3. Photosynthesis is when plants take the sun's energy and make
4. What are the 4 themes of biology (the 4 big ideas of biology)?
5. What did Darwin do?
6. The central dogma of life (flow of information) is:
7. Please select the order that ranks the terms from LARGEST to SMALLEST
8. What are the 2 types of cells? select from the choices below
9. Which of the following levels of biological organization includes all others in the list: cell, molecule, organ, tissue?
10. Please arrange the following, from smallest to largest
11. Farming is mentioned in the hierarchy of life video. What organism is farming fungus?
12. All life fits into one these groups (called domains)
13. The diagram below (diagram 1) is an image of:
Diagram 1
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