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The Maryland Homeschool Association hosts a series of service directories at The directories offer free 1-line listings as well as paid featured sponsors who offer education-related services that would be of interest to Maryland families who educate their children at home.

The free 1-line listings are offered to support groups, tutors, private teachers, and professional educational service providers, such as speech pathologists and occupational therapists, co-ops, and other small businesses. The directory lists individuals by name or business, along with the area of the county you are based in, a telephone number and an email address.

NOTE: At this time, umbrella groups may submit their information through this form and someone will be in touch about fees for advertising in MDHSA service directories.

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By submitting your information, you are verifying that you offer a valid and legitimate service to homeschool students and families. MDHSA, and its parent organization, Dynamic Educational Solutions LLC (DES), reserve the right to verify all information and to decline posting or to remove your free directory listing if it comes to our attention that you have misrepresented your services or your identity; or if you discriminate against individuals based upon religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other class of people. By clicking SUBMIT, you also affirm that your free directory listing in no way affiliates you as a business partner, representative, or employee of MDHSA or DES. You also agree that you will not represent yourself as such. Free directory listings are offered as a service to the homeschool community. MDHSA nor DES are under no obligation to publish every directory listing that is submitted. You agree to hold MDHSA and DES harmless of any positive or negative results associated with the listing you submit. *
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