ASEF MEDIA Projects and Database
We would really appreciate if you could take few minutes to let us know more about you and/or your organisations. We hope that by including you into our media database, you will be updated on ASEF's media projects ( and more collaboration will naturally follow.
Important Notes
I consent and acknowledge that ASEF can include my data into the media project database and use my data for organisational purposes. Abiding by EU GDPR and the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, ASEF will not share this information with external third parties.

*Data Disclaimer: ASEF and its partners will never share your data with any other, external third parties, nor use it for any other purposes than the aforementioned ones. The data collection and usage comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) and the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act. For more information, check the ASEF Privacy Policy at
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