Picardo Volunteer Hours V3
Please use this form for recording your Picardo Farm volunteer hours follow the instructions. Email PicardoHours@gmail.com if you encounter issues or have suggestions.

1. Name list: For primary gardener only. Co-gardener please enter primary gardener's name and write your name in comment session. if your primary gardener's name is not on the list or you are a new gardener, enter "other" and write your name and plot number in comment session. (new gardeners name for 2020 are expected to to added to the list by end of June 2020)
2. Number of hours: If you have more than 16 hours, select "other" and write the number in comment session.Other wise, enter in two separate entries.
3. Multiple date or date range: enter the latest date, cumulative hours and enter all other dates in comment session.
Enter your full name *
Activity *
Hours Volunteered *
Date of Service ( use latest date if entering multiple dates at one time) *
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