You may register online OR you may register by enrollment card in the mail (cards will be mailed out in early June).

If you choose to register online, you may pay online OR at check-in.
Online payment will have a 2.9% surcharge + 30 cents per camper to cover the payment processing fees.

A PARENT or GUARDIAN must fill out this form.

If you have questions about camp, please call David Goin (618.231.2629) or Melissa Goin (618.838.8455).
If you have technical difficulties with this form, please call Stephen Bradd (217.935.5058).



Junior Session (ages 8 - 10):
July 7 - 11 (Sun 3 PM - Thur 7 PM) = $100

Junior High Session (ages 11 - 13):
July 14 - 19 (Sun 3 PM - Fri 7 PM) = $110

Senior High Session (ages 14 - 18):
July 21 - 26 (Sun 3 PM - Fri 7 PM) = $110

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DIGITAL SIGNATURE OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN: Typing out your full legal name below indicates all information submitted in this form is correct AND that in the event that you cannot be reached for consent, you hereby authorize Gela Goin, Melissa Goin, or David Goin (director of the Little Egypt Christian Youth Camp) or the camp nurse to give consent to a physician of their choice to render any necessary emergency medical treatment in case of illness or accident. This is important since hospitals & doctors will not give emergency treatment without consent of a parent or guardian. *
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