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Booking Terms & Conditions - please note changes with effect from September 2020
At Newchurch we are very proud and passionate about our school. Our warm family ethos flows throughout our school and Newchurch Robins club, we are confident that your child will be happy here. Our breakfast and after school club operates onsite daily during term time supported by a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team.

The club is run operationally by experienced members of school staff supported by key workers. All of our staff are fully trained in safeguarding and fire safety. Key personnel are fully trained in first aid and hold the appropriate level of food hygiene certification. Newchurch Primary Head Teacher and Senior Leadership Team are responsible for the strategic operational management.

Session Time & Fee

8.00-9.00 am £4.42
Start – 4.30pm £5.43
Start – 5.00pm £7.63
Start – 5.30pm £9.83

Early drop off: please note that all children should be dropped off from 8am. We cannot accommodate children arriving any earlier than 8am.

Late collections: please note that the club closes at 5.30pm. A late collection fee of £1 per minute is charged after this time to cover staff costs. If a child is collected late on a continuous basis you may be asked to find alternative arrangements for your childcare.

Booking of sessions: for operational planning reasons and staffing, we cannot accommodate ‘ad hoc’ sessions. Sessions must be booked for a full term. You will be charged for booked sessions via Parent Pay and the sessions will be automatically debited on an ongoing basis. Your account balance on Parent Pay must be kept in a positive balance position at all times, similar to how we operate our school meals provision. If your account falls into a negative balance, you will immediately lose your place at Newchurch Robins until the debt has been cleared.

Once a session is booked for the full term, your child’s place will be secured for the duration and you will be billed for this childcare even if the place is not taken on certain days or due to illness. We operate on this basis to cover our operational costs and protect our school budget. This part of our terms & conditions and is subject to change.

Cancellation of sessions: we will accept four weeks written notice in advance of a total cancellation of place. Written notice should be emailed to We cannot accommodate frequent changes to session patterns. We operate on this basis to cover our operational costs and protect our school budget. This part of our terms & conditions and is subject to change.

Fees: we have chosen to use ParentPay as the system for the collection of our fees. Sessions will be debited on ParentPay on the day that your child attends, this is an automated pre-programmed system and fees will be automatically charged according to your booked sessions pattern. The benefit of ParentPay is that it provides a real time up to date picture of your charges and it also allows you the facility to pay straight away, if you choose. We expect your Newchurch Robins Parent Pay account to remain in credit at all times. We cannot accommodate a debit balance as it impacts on our school budget and longer term success of the club. If you do not keep your account in credit, you will lose your childcare place until your debt has been cleared.

We have childcare voucher accounts in place with the following providers: Edenred, Fideliti,, Computershare, Busy Bees, Kiddivouchers and Sodexo. We will happily accommodate additional providers. Our Ofsted number for account purposes is: 111189.

We expect your Newchurch Robins Parent Pay account to remain in credit at all times.

If you have any queries regarding your fees, please email We will look to continuously improve this process based upon feedback.


Breakfast – is served from 8am and a selection of cold breakfast items are available for all children attending this session.

Afternoon – a light healthy snack will be served during the afternoon session. This is a light snack designed to provide refreshment until a child has dinner at home.

Resources and activities: a wide selection of toys, games and craft activities are available for the children to use. Our resources are updated regularly and children are asked to share their views on what resources and activities they would like. This feedback is built into our planning.

Homework: our club is a place for children to build relationships with their peers, have fun and relax after school, if they wish to do their homework there will be a quiet area for them to complete it.

Behaviour: we expect the same level of behaviour in our club as in school. Policies that apply in school also apply at club. Any disruptive behaviour will be reported to parents and the Head Teacher.

This is a brief overview of our club, if you require more in-depth information, all policies and procedures are the same as Newchurch Primary School.

Please note that as your child currently attends Newchurch Primary School and to reduce additional paperwork on an ongoing basis, we will use the information that we gather via our annual data collection. We hold contact information, medical information, ethnic origin, home language, and religious affiliation. It is important that the School Office are notified of any changes to this information as we use this information to keep your child safe and contact you in an emergency. Our Data Protection Officer is Jayne Narraway, Head Teacher.

Emergency Contact Number: if you need to urgently contact Newchurch Robins, please call – 07432405146 this number is not to be used for bookings or enquiries. If you wish to contact us please email and we will respond to emails between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday. This system will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and we will continually make improvements based on feedback.
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