2015 Skiffy and Fanty Show Listener Survey
The purpose of this survey is to get anonymous feedback from our listeners. It asks questions related to your listening habits and particular to the show in general. We appreciate your time and your honesty.

If you do not have an opinion for certain questions, just stick "no opinion" in the text box.


How did you hear about us? *
How do you acquire episodes from the show? *
Distinct from how you listen (which will be asked below)
How do you listen to episodes from the show? *
Which other sf/f podcasts do you listen to? (Select all that apply) *
I haven't listed everything here because, well, there are a lot of bloody podcasts. Feel free to use the "other" box to add things that aren't in the list.
Which category best describes your engagement with the show? *
Which segments of the show do you listen to? (select all that apply) *
Which podcasts do you think S&F is most like? *
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Do you think episodes are too long or too short? Do you have a preferred length for podcasts? *
Feel free to provide any detail about your listening habits that would provide context for this question. For example: some people listen to podcasts primarily while commuting.
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What do you want more of? *
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What do you want less of? *
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What do you think about our past and present annual themes? *
Past themes: World SF Tour, Women & Non-Binary Creators, current theme: Inclusion
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Do you have a favorite episode? If yes, which one?
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Do you have any other thoughts you'd like to give us about the show?
Criticism, squee, etc.
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