2020-2021 WCSD Parent and Family Needs Assessment
Williamson CSD is asking you to complete this questionnaire in order to identify ways we can support your child/children's success in school. As part of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), we are required to survey parents, students, faculty and staff annually. Please answer each question to the best of your ability. We value your open and honest feedback. Thank you!
Information About Your Child/Children:
What grade(s) was/were your child or children in, during the 2019-2020 school year?
Check all that apply.
Information about your child/children and school:
Please say whether you generally agree or disagree with these statements. NOTE: Please make your choices based on your child or children's experiences BEFORE pandemic closing.
In general,
Agree Partially
Disagree Partially
Students in my child's school get along well with one another.
My child's teacher listens to them.
Adults in our school(s) treat students with respect.
Students in our school(s) treat adults with respect.
My child feels safe in school.
My child likes to go to school.
My child could use more help with reading and/or ELA.
My child could use more help with math.
Clear selection
When your child is NOT in classes, do they...
Spend time with a church group?
Play sports or other outdoor games?
Participate in school sports and activities?
Participate in school clubs?
Go to afterschool programs in school?
Go to community library?
Take art, music, dance, horsebackriding (etc.) lessons?
Babysit or care for family members (siblings, grandparents, etc.)?
Use a computer at home?
Play video games?
Watch TV or Digital programs?
Clear selection
How much time does your child spend doing homework outside of your regular school day? (including afterschool programs)
Attendance for schools clarifying statements:
Federal and state regulations require Districts to report student absences, excused and unexcused, exceeding 10% of the school year. This includes full days missed, tardies, and early dismissals. Please use this as guidance when answering the following questions.
How was your child or children's attendance in the 2019-2020 school year, before pandemic closure?
Why did your child or children usually miss school?
Digital access:
NYSED has asked Districts to provide information on student's digital access. Digital access includes access to sufficient WiFi/Internet and access to a device (computer, Chromebook, or tablet, not a phone). "Sufficient” access means that the student does not regularly experience issues (slowdowns, buffering, disconnections, unreliable connection, etc.) while participating in required or assigned instruction and learning activities, as measured during peak household usage.
Our internet access is:
Clear selection
If above is "Not Sufficient," please select from the below reasons;
Williamson Schools is working with our community organizations to help meet the needs of our families. How is your family doing?
Clear selection
Finally, what do you think would help your child or children do better in the 2020-2021 school year?
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