Social Justice Hub Peer Facilitation Interest
Are you passionate about social justice and educating your community? If so, join the Social Justice Peer Facilitation Team! Peer facilitators are members of the campus and the broader community who want to learn how to facilitate positive social justice change, gain public speaking skills, and build connections with organizations on and off-campus. 

Peer Facilitators will facilitate the Social Justice Hubs Core Workshop Series. For more information on these workshops, visit

In order to become a peer facilitator, you have to attend our four-part facilitator training (Tuesday evenings Feb 18 - March 10, 6-8 p.m. at Union South).

The purpose of these workshops is for participants to learn social justice critical thinking skills and strategies for leading equity-focused dialogue in their communities and beyond.

This form allows us to gauge interest in the Peer Facilitator Team and to gain an understanding of the knowledge and experienced individuals who are interested are starting with.

For more information about the Hub, visit, contact us at or visit us at the Social Justice Hub (Union South near the Marquee Theater).

If you have further questions, please email Thank you.

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