Solopreneur and Small Business Accounting Survey
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How confident are you that you know what your business is actually making?
Completely confident
I honestly have no idea what it makes
Do you ever look at Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet reports or run projections?
Yes, use them on a regular basis to steer my business and make sure I'm on track for my goals
No, what are you talking about?
Do you have a system for tracking money owed and money coming in?
Yes, on top of it, nothing falls through the cracks
Well, I wouldn't call it a system
What necessary but time-consuming task(s) do you wish would go away?
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Do you think your price structure is right for your profit and salary goals?
Completely confident
Not confident at all
What's the most important thing you've learned that you wish someone had just told you when you started the business?
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Do you know which of the services, packages or products you offer contribute the most to your bottom line? (Hint: it's not necessarily what sells the most)
Are you happy with the accounting software/system you're using and the information it's providing?
What software do you feel strongly about - positively or negatively - and why?
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Do you revisit the costs associated with your business for less expensive alternatives?
What is your biggest concern or a topic you wish you understood better as far as accounting or bookkeeping?
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Thank you for filling out this survey! Feel free to ask a specific question regarding your business and I will get back to you.
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