1st GCCA Online Family Team Chess Tournament - August 16th, 2020.

1) Organizer: GO CHECKMATE PTE LTD. The event shall be played under FIDE Laws of Chess rules and regulations. Other details will be sent to the registered players one day before tournament.

2) Date & Time: 16th August 2020, Sunday 1 pm (SGT).
Rounds Schedule as follows:

Round 1 : 1:00 pm Round 4 : 3:15 pm
Round 2 : 1:45 pm Round 5 : 4:00 pm
Round 3 : 2:30 pm

3) Category: (a) ADULT Category (b) CHILD Category - 30 teams Only.
*Organizer has the right to increase the entries.

Kindly see the team formation and rules :
- Each team consist of one parent/grandparent (ADULT CATEGORY) + one child (CHILD CATEGORY)
- A family can have more than 1 team.
- The ADULT category player (parent/grandparent) will compete with the other ADULT category players
- The CHILD category player competes with other CHILD category players
- At the end of 5 rounds the team with maximum points is the winner

4) Mode of Competition: 5 Rounds Swiss system with 15 minutes 5 seconds increment for each player to complete the game. (Round will be change subject to entries).

5) Entry Fee: FREE
Organiser has the right to reject any entry without assigning any reasons thereof.

6) Prizes: Trophies shall be presented to the top 5 teams .
Organizers reserve the right to make changes to the prize list as deem appropriate. All trophies/medals can be collected at Yishun Emerald condominium or if you need home delivery there will be a surcharge of 10$ for Trophy (you can accumulate until 4-5 trophies and then opt for delivery)

7) Closing Date: Saturday, 14th August 2020, 7 pm.

8) In the event of any disputes (outside the Laws of Chess), the organizers’ decision shall be final and no further correspondences shall be entertained.
Note :
No support or guidance by anyone is encouraged. Be a genuine player.
All games will be monitored by organizers and if any malpractice is traced, player will be disqualified.
Organizer will not be responsible for any network issue in the midst of tournament.

For further details, Whatsapp +65 83463825
Email: gocheckmate.sg@gmail.com
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