2020 Youth Nations Cup Individual Player Registration Form

All players must register with the tournament to be eligible for participation in the Youth Nations Cup Tournament. Individual team coaches will communicate with interested players for tryouts and/or roster space offers, as applicable. The Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee is not responsible for evaluation processes put in place by team leaders or for the final roster decisions made by teams participating in the tournament. The tournament organizers have no responsibility for final player choices made by team representatives.

The Youth Nations Cup Organizing Committee may request evidence of heritage their sole discretion.

Terms of Reference:
Players are permitted to ONLY play for one team in the tournament.
The Tournament Organizers reserve the right to make a final and binding ruling on player eligibility.
A player’s commitment to a Youth Nations Cup tournament team has no influence on which adult team they participate with in the future should they wish to participate in the Adult Nations Cup Tournament in the future.
Players wishing to play in the Adult Nations Cup Tournament in future will be required to satisfy the Adult Nations Cup Tournament’s eligibility rules and terms of reference which may differ from this tournament.

Heritage Definition:
A distinct cultural, ancestral or citizenship affiliation, which is able to be traced either by marriage to a partner of at least 50 percent heredity, offspring of at least 25 percent heredity or through matrilineal or patrilineal bloodlines. The Youth Nations Cup reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to grant, upon application, a special dispensation, in any form it sees fit, to any team not in full compliance with all Roster Requirements.

By completing this registration form you are consenting to our sharing your contact information with Youth Nations Cup registered team leaders.
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I accept the Terms of Reference as written above and found on the website: https://www.surreyunitedsoccer.com/youthnationscup *
I/We have read, understand and will abide by the CSA Code of Conduct and Ethics and all other Tournament policies located here: https://www.surreyunitedsoccer.com/youthnationscup *
I understand that failure to abide by the Code of Conduct or Tournament policies may result in disciplinary action or disqualification *
By submitting your information to Youth Nations Cup organizers, you are consenting to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for the purposes of Canada Soccer, the BC Soccer Association, the District Soccer Association, Youth Nations Cup and Surrey United Soccer Club in accordance with the written policies of each. The personal information you provide will be used for purposes reasonably associated with your participation in the Youth Nations Cup Tournament. The personal information will not be disclosed to third parties other than as stipulated unless required by law. *
WAIVER: To the fullest extent permitted by law, I, in consideration of good and valuable consideration hereby indemnifies, releases and forever discharges Youth Nations Cup Tournament, Canada Soccer Association, BC Soccer Association, and Surrey United Soccer Club, and each of their respective coaches, Directors, Officers, volunteers, players, agents and others harmless from and against any and all actual or alleged claims, damages (including incidental, consequential, indirect and special damages), losses and expenses (including but not limited to all penalties, legal' fees, fines and administrative or civil sanctions, and court and arbitration costs), including but not limited to claims by third parties, arising out of, related to, or resulting from (i) bodily injury or property damage and (ii)the participation in the Youth Nations Cup Tournament, including any activity relating to the participation in the game of soccer. I have read and understand and agree to the terms and conditions thereof. *
I agree with all the Youth Nations Cup Tournament rules located at: www.surreyunitedsoccer.com/youthnationscup and will be a positive participant throughout the tournament, showing the highest respect for all those participating in the tournament at any level. I will be an ambassador for the game of soccer and the overall spirit of this tournament. *
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