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EduTweetOz aims to host guest tweeters from the Australian education community to share their stories, passion to build a picture of what education looks like all around Australia. We would love to hear from people in different roles and sectors each week to have a really broad narrative that represents the diversity of what it's like to be an educator in Australia today. The details you provide in the form below will help us to determine the best time to schedule your tweets. We work hard to try and schedule tweeters from different states, sectors and systems so please don't think we haven't noticed you if we don't respond for a while, it may just be that we have a lot of tweeters from a particular region or system and are trying to spread them out!

Memorandum Of Understanding

This account is designed to build a community of educators (and lifelong learners) sharing ideas, experiences and questions. The intention is for educators from all spheres – public, private, early years, university, non-profit, adult learning etc, to share their knowledge and collaborate in exploring current educational topics and issues. It is not politically affiliated and is not intended to be a vehicle for political commentary or views. There is no financial compensation attached to this account, guest tweeters and account admins are all volunteers.

Purpose and Agreement(s)
To use the RotationCuration account ‘@edutweetoz’ to share ideas and experiences around education with the twitter community.

Each guest tweeter agrees to:
commit to tweeting consistently throughout the allocated week;
use respectful language in all tweets;
engage in productive dialogue, once a conversation becomes bullying or trolling to refrain from further comment and contact an account admin;
refer to relevant department or professional guidelines before tweeting, remembering that you are personally accountable for views expressed while tweeting under this account name;
inform the account admin(s) of the name you would like attached to the twitter account during your week of tweeting;
inform the account admin(s) if you are unable to complete your week of tweeting;
maintain the integrity of the account by not disclosing the password or other confidential details;
refrain from promoting specific products in a way that may constitute advertising.

The account admin(s) agrees to:
coordinate the transition between each tweeter;
support the guest tweeter when required in dealing with inappropriate contacts or tweets.

Duration or Term of Memorandum and Termination Process
Each guest tweeter will be responsible for tweeting through the ‘@edutweetoz’ account from Sunday night (7pm) until the following Sunday night.


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