Southern Counties Youth Band in 2021 and Beyond
Hello, and thank you for getting this far!

The Southern Counties Youth Band (SCYB) is funded and run by scaba to give young brass and percussion players in our region the opportunity to have fun, experience different repertoire and develop their playing in a band of people their own age.

SCYB has a core membership who attend regular monthly rehearsals and the annual residential course, but we are conscious that there are several young players out there who haven't joined the fun yet. After the forced shut-down last year, scaba is reviewing the way the band operates and how we can make it appealing and accessible to as many people as possible. We would love to hear about how you would like the band to look going forward.

Where the Survey refers to ""I" or you", this means the player or a parent/guardian answering on their behalf.
1. Who are you? *
2. Are you a member of a Brass Band in South East England (other than SCYB)? *
3. SCYB membership is open to any young brass band players aged 11 - 18 (Year 7 - Year 13). Do you think younger and/or older players should be able to take part? (tick as many as apply) *
4. Have you attended SCYB before? *
5. If you answered NO to Q4, please tell us why? (tick as many as apply)
6. What would your preferred format for the youth band be? *
7. How often would you like to take part in SCYB? *
8. Is membership of the band important to you? (from 1 = not important to 5 = very important) *
Not important - I just want to turn up and play when I can
Very important - I want to belong to a group with a committed membership
9. Location - Where would you like SCYB rehearsals to be held? *
10. Music - What would you like to play in SCYB? *
11. Performances. In the current model, SCYB performs a concert at the end of each Residential course and has had a few other opportunities to play in public, namely at scaba's Borde Hill Brass festival and in joint concerts with Maidstone Winds and Hangleton Youth Band. Whilst our ability to perform in public can be limited by child performance licensing requirements and the availability of both players and Tutors/adult volunteers, we are always looking for new performance opportunities for the band. Where and when would you like SCYB to play (if possible)?
12. Conductors - the current model is that SCYB's regular monthly rehearsals are shared by our two resident conductors, Richard Baker and Ian Lanceley, and we invite a guest conductor to lead the residential course. Do you prefer to work with the same conductor/s most of the time (1), or a variety of different people (5)? *
Same conductor
Different conductors
12. Conductors - Previous guest MDs for our Residential courses have been Ian Porthouse, Lee Skipsey and Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Please enter any suggestions for other guest Conductors here: *
14. Subs - scaba charges a small annual membership subscription for SCYB which contributes to the band's running costs. This is discounted for players from scaba member bands. What form of subs would you prefer to pay? (Residential course fees are charged separately and determined by venue/accommodation costs; scaba keeps the price to you as low as possible). *
15. What (if anything) might make it easier for you or more appealing to take part in SCYB? Please use this space for anything else you'd like us to know. *
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