MassacreMC Trainee
If your application was denied you must wait two weeks before applying again.
Why do you want to apply for trainee? *
What's your Minecraft username? *
What is your discord name and # *
Can you handle criticism from other people opinion *
What other servers have you been staff for? *
Are you well known on the server? *
How many hours can you give to the server *
Are you capable of watching your mouth around players? *
Are you 14+ over age to apply *
Will you follow the rules as a staff member, and read the rules, breaking these rules can get you fired.
Clear selection
Are you aware you do not ping higher up staff unless its an emergency? *
If the server is being Ddosed what will you do (this question is very important to answer). *
Anything you do against the rules will also be reported to pocket-mine and fired do you agree to follow the rules at all times *
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