TDOV 2020 Application for Performers
Deadline: Saturday, March 7th

All responses remain confidential and will be visible only to the TAP VA TDOV 2020 committee on an as-needed basis.

All performers must self-identify as transgender, non-binary, genderfluid, or any other identity underneath the trans umbrella. We also welcome trans performers who are Two-Spirit, Indigenous, or have a gender identity not recognized in Western culture.

Trans youth under 18 are encouraged to apply with parental/guardian consent.

Section 1: Identifying information
Section 2: Performance Content
Section 3: Feedback
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We are prioritizing the amplification of the voices and talents of marginalized trans people - particularly Black, Indigenous, Two-Spirit, and other identities that do not benefit from white privilege in our community. Please check this box if any of these applies to you.
What's the best number to reach you? Please indicate if texting is preferred to calling by including a capital T and a space before your number. *
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